Embracing Worth







One Word

A couple of years ago, I asked God to impress upon me one word for the year, one simple word that might help focus my scattered interactions with Him, His Word and the world around me, one simple word that might serve as a kind of Adderall for my soul.

Worth was the word that most resonated with me. The more I pondered it, the more I sensed a yearning to pursue and treasure the things of greatest worth in God’s economy.

I longed to experience a deeper awareness of my own worth in God’s eyes rather than fall victim to the self-deprecating thoughts that tended to harangue my mind.

I wanted to cultivate more loving ways to affirm the worth of those around me rather than allow bitterness, irritability, or apathy to control my attitudes and actions.

And I hoped to invest in more activities of eternal value rather than take the passive route, wasting time on mundane pursuits.

So far, it’s been a bumpy journey, as a close look at some of my posts here would reveal. But I’ve seen God’s hand at work, and I’ve sensed my spirit stirring in response to His. The most amazing part of it all is that I’ve begun embracing God Himself not just as the source of worth but as the One of Most Worth.

So as I press onward, I hope you’ll accompany me along this path. Together, let’s  lean more deeply into the love-lavishing heart of God. And along the way, let’s help others know that they, too, are of incredible worth in His eyes.