About Me

A few bits and pieces about me, in no particular order….

I’m a lover of connection. Face-to-face chats over coffee or tea, phone conversations, now and then an old-fashioned letter–these things all fill my heart with joy.

I’m a lover of the written word.

I’m a  resister of routine–of almost any kind. Enough said.

I’m a lover of California’s Big Sur, with its white-foamed waves that crash into the rocky coast and the towering Redwoods that stand guard nearby. It’s there that my heart feels most at home.

Yet I’m a lover of LA, despite its smog and traffic, because it’s the place where my soul has been touched by people of many cultures, languages, and ethnicities. It’s here that I’m challenged to look more deeply into the eyes of those around me, to listen to their stories, and to learn from the courage, generosity, servant hood, and compassion that emanate from their lives.

I’m a lover of convergence. It brings me incredible satisfaction to see how God fits the details of our lives (individually and communally) together in awe-inspiring ways—through random conversations or the voice of nature, through world events or ordinary moments, through heights of joy or depths of despair.

I’m a lover of family.  My husband Juan, our kids Nehemiah and Shayna, our precious Chloe in heaven. My adoptive family, my birth families, my family in Christ.

I’m a lover of TV (true confession). My daughter and I bond over stories that unfold on the screen, and our observations frequently segue into meaningful conversations about relationships and life.

I’m a lover of baked goods, both creating them and indulging in them. There is one and only one recipe on this blog, a recipe for a version of butterscotch brownies that has become my trademark dessert.

I’m a lover of spiritual formation and the search for a deeper experience of the fullness of life only found in Jesus. This journey toward wholeness is, above all, a journey toward greater connection to the One most worth knowing, loving, and serving.

And since I’m a lover of community, I’m hoping that you’ll walk with me for a while on this journey, and that you’ll share with me and other readers of this blog some of your insights along the way.

You can connect with me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/seekingwhatsofworth/

and on Instagram at tamara.gonz