Cordiality or Kindness–the Million Dollar Question

Day 3,  31 Days of Journeying with the Jesus Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, merciful and loving Savior, make me ever mindful of your constant, gracious, empowering Presence and your heart of tender affection toward me.

Someone wronged me today, in a rather public way—attacking me, I believe, based on a misinterpretation of my actions.

My immediate reaction was to defend myself.

Later, after calming down a bit, I managed to be cordial. But cordial is a cold word, and my goal ought rather to be kind—kind like Jesus.

And so my challenge is to keep the mercies of Christ in the forefront of my mind—that my character might be conformed to his, that the intentions of my heart might be pure, that my words might be seasoned with grace, and that my actions might be kind and considerate. That’s no easy matter and is of course only possible through His power at work in my deep places.

Lord Jesus Christ, merciful and loving Savior, may your love and mercy pervade my heart and flow through me to others.

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