In the Hands of the Shepherd


“…Lord Jesus, the great Shepherd of the sheep…” -Hebrews 13:20

While scrolling through the notes on my phone the other day, I discovered some scribblings from a couple of years ago. I had loosely composed these words as my 94-year old mother began her journey heavenward and as I struggled to deal with guilt (my go-to point of reference for just about every trial that comes my way). The words I wrote that morning about Jesus our great Shepherd are still words I need to heed.



I’m frequently struck with awe by what I think of as God-ordained convergence—how he orchestrates details of our lives in ways that bring us face-to-face with truths he wants us to grasp….

The rest of this short piece can be found at, where I have the privilege of sharing today. You can get there by clicking on the link below:

May the Great Shepherd keep you close to his heart today!